About Carbali

CARBALI®, we belong to a youth fashion brand. We believe that everyone is unique, that is why we want to instil our ideas into the younger generation, by allowing each and every one of them to be unique through clothing and fashion. By being unique, people will have a sense of unconstrained thinking and not to be tied to any restraints. We grow with our young generation who are exploring their personalities, values, and senses of fashion. With this mentality, it is what makes us CARBALI®, in hopes of inspiring everyone to be unique in their own ways.


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Our online store is well laid out and easy to use, making your shopping experience user-friendly. We are however constantly trying to improve the layout and navigation of our site, so please feel free to provide us with any feedback you may have.


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Our customers call it "flash shipping" - as we usually ship out orders the same day!


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Our customers can reach our friendly Customer Service team easily by phone, email, or leaving us a message on the site! Our teams are eager to answer any and all queries that you may have!


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