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Celine BB Hot Picks and Love & Life Extension Charity Activity

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由22/1 至 28/1期間,Celine BB 於影片中推介的Carbali貨品均以慈善八折價發售 (請在Carbali 網上店進行付款前,於Coupon Code 一欄輸入"celinebb"),今次購物別具意義,每項交易收據中的$200,我們將會捐給Celine 妹妹所推介的香港保良局慈善基金。買到靚衫之餘又可以做善事,一舉兩得!仲等? !快啲嚟啦!

From 22/1 to 28/1, you can get 20% off on all items recommended by Celine BB in the video (Please apply the coupon code "celinebb" to your shopping cart before entering your billing information ). To help those who are in need, Carbali will donate HK$200 per invoice to Po Leung Kuk Charity Fund which is nominated by Celine BB. Don’t Hesitate!!! Take Action!!!

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Coupon Code: celinebb

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