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young fashion house made of love, dreams & creative vision
A fashion territory without age barrier and boundary


The fashion world for adults full of evolving trends is no longer a sheer fantasy for the young and stylish. Farewell to the days when parents and stylish teenagers were endlessly scouting their favourite designs and high-quality collections for teenagers, and frustrated either by kidswear that was too cute, or pieces that were cool but unfit for the forgotten style-conscious teenagers.

CARBALI® - the young fashion house without boundary

 A fashion house made of love, dreams and creative vision, CARBALI® offers style-conscious kids and adolescent boys and girls (aged 16-25) exciting designs that help build their confidence and individuality. A sought-after label for the young and stylish, the online boutique offers affordable, quality and exclusive designs that have the potential to be their wardrobe essentials. For the best curation of affordable, quality and stylish apparels for kids and teenagers, is your best and only choice.



A local design house with a global vision

With its design based in Hong Kong, CARBALI® supports local designers while seeking inspirations for details and ideas from global fashion capitals in the likes of Paris and London. The emerging fashion house aims to offer style-conscious kids and teenagers aged between 16-25 a unique selection of stylish wardrobe staples. Every seasonal collection is infused with persistence to the most discerning aesthetic standards. 



CARBALI® Website:

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