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Related goods returned
In order to avoid disputes between the two sides, when the customer receives the goods, please immediately check whether the goods are completed. If there is a problem, the customer can clearly check the label and the label on the bag within 48 hours after the receipt of the item, along with the order number and the item number, by email to
CARBALI® requires customers to provide photographs of problematic goods and to identify the quality of the goods. We will make further assessment and within 48 hours after the confirmation of CARBALI®'s written reply, the customer will return the goods in question, together with the original packaging and small notes to our designated return address and inform us.  CARBALI® will return the goods within two business days If there is a problem with the product.
Friendly reminder: Late notice or no complete packaging (including small note), will not accept the return application.
The following conditions can apply for returned goods:
1) Goods such as non-human damage
2) Goods and photos are very different (need to be specified in detail and reasonable)
3) The size of the order is different (for example: order S code, received the M code)
4) The product than the product page listed in the size of more than 4CM above the error
5) Mismatch goods
6) Within seven days to accept a change, but no refund
Shipping costs due to merchandise quality, return of merchandise and shipping of re-issued goods are borne by CARBALI®. (CARBALI® is subject to the maximum total freight charge of not more than HK $ 50). A seven-day change can be made, but no refund.
The replacement application only accepts the same kind of goods. CARBALI® will return the same amount of goods if the goods are sold out.
The following circumstances can not apply for a refund or returned:
1) Waiting for delivery time is too long
2) Individual goods out of stock and require orders for other goods refund
3) Delay in delivery due to shipping problems
4) Goods without tag, no label
5) Paid orders can not modify the product color, style and size
6) Goods have washed traces
7) Exceeds the return request period provided by CARBALI®
8) Subjective reasons, such as: very small stains, small thread, leather goods fabric slightly off, the material is worse than imagined, do not look good
9) Color problem: the display of each computer is different, plus everyone on the color, the definition of the depth of the difference, as well as the light when shooting and other reasons, physical color and photos are slightly different is normal.
10) Error less than or equal to 4CM: product quality and measurement methods are different, the size of the product page may be slightly wrong
11) Artificial accidental damage
12) Goods in the recovery and inspection, and there is no customer to apply for return when the issue, or the goods do not meet the basic principles of return
13) Cotton goods due to try to lead to deformation, it can not be completely in accordance with the requirements of the site size requirements returned
14) The customer has not been able to return the goods to be returned within 48 hours after the returned application has been made
15) Darker or bleached products appear bleaching, such as: cowboy and bleaching and dyeing fabrics
16) Require CARBALI® personnel to retrieve the return at a location
17) Custom merchandise (also known as the production of goods, handmade goods), not due to size, color, etc. and a slight quality problems returned
18) Knitted goods due to wear when the friction caused by the wool
19) The wrong way to wash the goods to change, shrink, accessories lost or hair from the problem
Do not accept the return of goods processing:
CARBALI® has the right to return the goods to the customer, and the return shipping costs are borne by the customer (do not accept the store settlement, payment or customer delivery to CARBALI®).
CARBALI® reserves the right to deduct the corresponding amount of points in the accumulated points within the customer's membership account to pay back the return of the returned goods when the customer's personal reasons or unilateral unreasonable requirements do not comply with the normal procedure. In the account does not accumulate points, and customers do not want to bear the return shipping, the goods will not be returned to the customer, and cancel its membership.
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